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The Create Job task in Automation Engine fails to create a job when you launch an XML file to it. Other XML files process fine with the same settings in the Create Job task.

The error message in the failed task's log file shows a message in this format:

SN_TLocationResolver:Problem resolving:file://server-name/share-name/<YourSmartName/> Result:file://server-name/share-name/<YourSmartName/>
jctask.err.crea2 BG_EException
Problem creating folder for job.
Exception of class BG_EException
Additional message:
Problem creating folder for job.
Additional data:
BG_TURL {"file://server-name/share-name/YourResolvedSmartNameValue%0a" }

It shows the character string %0a after YourResolvedSmartNameValue.

Your error message may show more SmartNames than the above example.


  • Create Job task fails with the above message in the task log.
  • BG_TURL in the message ends with %0a" }
  • When you open SmartNames view in the Automation Engine Pilot, at the right-hand side select your failed Create Job task as sample task; click on Results: "Show"; then the Results column shows your expected value for YourSmartName.
  • You can manually create the job folder in the location where the Create Job task cannot create it.

In case the BG_TURL part of the error shows another escape code than %0a, then please look up via the internet which character your escape character references and whether or not that character is supported in folder names.

%5f (underscore _ ) and %20 (white space) are supported escape characters in folder names on Windows. However, please make sure that the last character of your result is not a space character.


Your XML input file contains one or more invisible linefeed characters. The escape code character for a linefeed is %0a, which is also the code in the BG_TURL part of the error message.

These characters are not supported in folder names.

The best solution is to modify the system which created your XML file, so that it never writes characters which are not supported in folder names into your XML files. Please consult your third party system supplier for information on how to do that.

You can also manually remove the linefeed characters from your XML file.

  1. In the Automation Engine Pilot, edit the settings of YourSmartName. This will show you which element from the XML file is looked up.
  2. Either open your XML file in a text editor and remove unwanted "white space" characters from the element which you found via step 1. It depends on which editor you use, how these characters are shown.

  3. Save your XML file.
  4. Submit your modified XML file to the Create Job task.
  5. In case it would fail again, verify if the error message is still the same. As the task will stop trying to resolve SmartNames as soon as it finds the first SmartName with unsupported linefeed characters. It is possible that several SmartNames contain a linefeed character.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until the Create Job task no longer errors.
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Automation Engine 12.2.0

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