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When you install a Hotfix, you get the following error:

The Kit Build Number of the installed Base Pack is not correct


Compare the hotfix build number with your software build number:

The error makes clear which build number you need to have. 
You can check your build version of the software at the startup of the software or in the About window:

Windows: Help > About > Version - Build (in the upper right corner)

Mac: Software > About software > Version - Build (in the upper right corner)

For example: 

If the installation of the hotfix requires a higher kit build number, upgrade to the latest version of our software:

To check if you are running the latest software version: please visit

Install the latest available version of our software before installing hotfixes on top. 

If the installation of the hotfix requires a lower kit build number:

You are running a newer version of our software, meaning that the hotfix is already integrated.

If this is not the case, please contact Esko Support. 

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