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Why does the phi character (ɸ) not appear when I use the ArtiosCAD Diameter Dimension tools?


The phi character is a standard notation for a Diameter Dimension. For some ArtiosCAD languages, such as the Asian Languages and central Europe, like Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Russian, this character is not part of the code page for that language locale. This means an ArtiosCAD user of one of those languages will not see the phi character when using the Diameter Dimension and Diameter to Circle Dimension tools. The user may see an 'R' or '?'.


There is no immediate solution. The ArtiosCAD R&D team will investigate this issue.


However, there are some alternatives:

  1. The user can specify a different format for the Diameter Dimension tools. See the Diameter Text Style for the dimension property. This can be set by double clicking on the dimension. To set the format permanently, set the defaults for Property defaults > Dimensions.
  2. Use the Radius Dimension tool as it provides equivalent information.
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