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How to reinstall Esko software when migrating software from an old computer to a new one?


  1. Deactivate the licenses on your old computer from the Local License Manager. Refer the following KB for the procedure to deactivate and activate the licenses: 
  2. Save the deactivated license file in a safe location.
  3. Download the new software from or if you have the software installer already, transfer it to your new computer and install it there.
    1. If you want to download the software, you need an Esko ID account to logon to You can create an Esko ID account from the following link if you have not created one yet:

    2. You also need the Esko ID credentials to activate the licenses on your new computer.

  4. Once the software is installed, use the saved license file from your old computer to activate the licenses on the Local License Manager on your new computer.

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