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This KB describes how to make a randomized multi-color Equinox profile based on the ECI2002 layout.

A randomized IT8/7.4 layout exists as two pages. As such it’s not very convenient to use.


  1. Create a custom Overprint chart:

    1. Open the Equinox Profile Creator.
    2. Go to the Overprint Charts view.
    3. Click the New Overprint Chart button.
    4. Fill in the chart name you want to use.
    5. Select the spectrophotometer to be used.
    6. Select the ECI2002 patch set.
    7. Save the chart.
  2. Create a PDF of the Overprint charts
    1. Double click the custom Overprint chart.
    2. Click the Save a Chart as PDF… button to create a PDF of the CMYK section.
    3. Switch the section to a needed section, e.g. Orange.
    4. Click the Save a Chart as PDF… button to create a PDF of the CMYK section.
    5. Repeat steps (c) and (d) for extra sections.
  3. Print the Overprint charts.
  4. Measure the Overprint charts
    1. Switch to the Profiles view.
    2. Click the New Equinox Profile button.
    3. Fill in a Profile Name.
    4. Select the correct Ink Set.
    5. Choose the desired synchronization choice.
    6. Click the Measure Chart… button.
    7. Select the custom Overprint chart.
    8. Click the Next button to start the measurement process.
    9. Repeat steps (f) through (h) for the other sections.
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