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Imaging Engine tasks ends with an error message. The task begins to process but fails.


Log file contains the following errors:

Worker-1:: Job: 0 Failed 
PixelMachine.kACRErrorThe runlist element information for the erroneous placed object 
is:Filename: "file://AutomationEnginePC/AutomationEngineTmpFolder/Imaging/Pdf/fat_573976_test_336253.pdf"Page No.: 1..\..\..\source\acr\surfacemanager\IImpACRSurfaceManager.cpp2184
error writing to file, 23

After reviewing the Automation Engine PC, the application drive had 21 MB of free disk space. This drive space is not enough for the Imaging Engine or the Automation Engine to function.

The FatPDF is created when starting from a Normalized PDF. Like you can see from the error message, this FatPDF is written in the TMP folder of Automation Engine. Since version 16.0.2, Imaging Engine will only create a FatPDF when the Normalized PDF has external references.


Check the Automation Engine PC drives for adequate disk space. The Esko application folder location should have 20 GB free space.

  1. Check disks on Automation Engine -
  2. Does the DeskPack container need to be cleaned up? Refer:
  3. Is the temporary folder full on the Automation Engine? For the temporary folder information, see:
  4. Does the PC contain old versions of software? Refer:
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Applies to

Automation Engine 14.x, 16.x

Imaging Engine 14.x, 16.x

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