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When right-clicking a folder in Files View and choosing Explore, the Mac Pilot intermittently gets the following Warning: "Exploring failed. The corresponding volume is probably not mounted".

When double-clicking a PDF file in the Files View, an error message appears saying: "java.lang.Exception: The corresponding volume is probably not mounted".


Check to see if Mac's "Connect to Server" is under the menu Recent and/or Favorites. Use your Automation Engine Server's name for connect via SMB. Make sure any/all use your server's name (not it's IP #).

Getting the message indicates a difference in how you manually connect to the server as compared to how Automation Engine needs to address for the 'Explore' from Files View to function.

Let Pilot 'Explore' initiate the mount of network shares as needed, or set the Mac's "Connect to Server" favorites so to use smb://serverName for operator to mount manually.  Delete any SMB references to Automation Engine Server that use IP #.

If the shares are mounted on ServerName, please also make sure that the path only contains the ServerName. Sometimes it can happen that a ServerName.local is used to mount a volume, which can also cause problems.

.local should be removed for the connection to work.


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