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This article contains a workaround for the issue in 16.0.2 (Color Engine Pilot 14.1.3) with the merged Standardized Proofing charts for the CMYKRGB inkset (e.g. Epson SureColor P7000).

Note that the merged layout will output all the overprint charts as one job, as opposite to the normal layout where the overprint charts are output as multiple jobs.


Standardized Proofing (cmykrgb), EyeOne IO layout Merged, 17 inch

  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_Merged_17inch.pdf

Standardized Proofing (cmykrgb), EyeOne IO layout, 17 inch

  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p1.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p2.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p3.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p4.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p5.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p6.pdf
  • Standardized_i1iO_cmykrgb_p7.pdf


The colors of a proof will look psychedelic when using a proofer profile based on merged layout for the CMYKRGB inkset.

Due to a wrong ink order in the pdf of the merged layout page 4, 5, 6 and 7 look wrong!

You can also identify this issue by having a look at the preview of this merged layout in the Proof Client.

Left screenshot= WRONG

Right screenshot= OK


Workaround 1

  1. Duplicate the workflow connected with the output device you want to calibrate.
  2. Go to the Layout tab of the workflow.
  3. Enable the Nesting option.
  4. Go back to the Color Engine Pilot and use the non-merged version of the Standardized Proofing charts.

Workaround 2

  1. Close the Color Engine Pilot.
  2. Download the corrected PDF here: (this link will expire the 30th of November!)
  3. Copy the PDF to this location: \\[computer hosting the central cms database]\bg_data_cms_v010\r\tim


This issue will be addressed in the 16.1 release!

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Color Engine Pilot 14.1.3

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