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In the table below, you can find an overview of the most common warnings you may receive when signing in and how to fix them.

If you encounter any issues other than these, please contact Esko Support

What if you don't see the option to sign in?

  • Make sure you are using Esko software in version 16.0.1 or newer, you can download the latest version of all your Esko software from
  • If you already have valid license (a temporary license, or for Adobe® Illustrator® plugins, a license for another plugin), you won't get the panel to sign in when launching the software.
    • You can sign in from within the application:
      • For standalone applications: go to Help > Sign in....
      • For plugins: go to Help > Esko > Plug-ins....
    • Or you can deactivate the local license or disconnect from your local license server, so the panel will pop up at launch


When you try to sign in, you get the following warnings:

You need Internet access to sign in.

Your subscription is already in use on computer XXXXXX.
We advice you to go to that computer and sign out, or select the option to
sign out remotely.


If you receive this error message...It means that...and you can solve it as follows...

You need Internet access to use your subscription.

You can change your preferences in the Esko Local License Manager > Preferences.

You don't have Internet access (or

Go to the Local License Manager > Help > Preferences and make sure you didn't select Activate via another online computer.

If Internet access is restricted, configure your firewall to allow connection to the Esko license server.  More information:

Your Esko ID has no subscriptions assigned. Please contact your administrator.

You don't have a subscription linked to your Esko ID.

Or if you do have a subscription: you been offline for a longer period or the renewal has failed

If you don't have a subscription yet:

  1. Go to and assign a subscription to yourself.
  2. If you don't have access to MySoftware, ask your licensing administrator to do this for you.

If you have a valid subscription:

  1. Go to
  2. Unassign and reassign the subscription to your e-mail address (If you don't have access to MySoftware, ask your licensing administrator to do this for you.)
  3. Launch the software and sign in again

Authentication has failed. Please contact Esko Support.

The Esko ID system is not accessible.

This is typically solved by re-trying. If not, please contact Esko Support.

The e-mail address you used is not a valid Esko ID.

Please make sure you are not using any of the old account types (EskoLink, old Support Portal, ...) and try again.

Your Esko ID is not correct, or you're using an older account.

Re-try to sign in, verify that you didn't make any typo's and that you're using your e-mail address.

You can not sign in because your 'Esko ID' has not yet been confirmed. Please click on the confirmation mail link in the 'Esko ID' e-mail.

Your Esko ID is not yet confirmed

You've recently created an Esko ID, but it's not yet activated or confirmed.
  1. Normally, you should've received a 'Confirm your Esko ID' e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail, and re-start the activation
  2. If you didn't receive the confirmation e-mail, you can ask to re-send it by signing in here:

Your Esko ID has expired. Please contact Esko Support to extend your Esko ID. Alternatively, create a new Esko ID using your corporate e-mail address instead of a public one.

Your Esko ID was temporarily approved (because it is linked to a public mail domain (,,...) and has expired

Contact Esko Support to extend the Esko ID approval.


You have reached the maximum number of sign in attempts. You can either wait for an hour and then try again, or reset your password.

Your Esko ID is locked, because you tried to sign in too many times.

You can either wait for 1 hour and sign in again, or change your password to continue working.

You are signed in already, so you cannot sign in again. Please re-start the application.

You have opened the application multiple times.

Close all instances and re-start.

We are not able to sign you in. Please try again later or contact Esko Support if the problem persists.

The licensing server is not accessible

This is typically solved by re-trying. If not, please contact Esko Support.

Your subscription is already in use on another computer

You are already still signed in on another computer.

You can select Sign Out Remotely and continue to sign in. The subscription will be cleaned up from his old computer a few hours later.

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