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There is a new build of ArtPro+ 16.1.1 available on MySoftware: ArtPro+ 16.1.1 build 20042.

This build is also available as a hotfix but because of the impact on new customers, we’ve also updated the official build on MySoftware.

  • If you have already installed ArtPro+ 16.1.1 and you didn't experience issues, you don't need to install the new build.
  • If you have already installed ArtPro+ 16.1.1 and you have issue, you can run the new installer, which will overwrite the previous installation.

What is solved?

  • Launch after clean install: Fix for crash after the first launch of ArtPro+ on customer workstations on which no ArtPro+ had ever been run before.
  • Select Same: Fix for incorrect selection of hidden objects when using Select Same Fill/Stroke.
  • Create Rectangle: When using the Create Rectangle Numerically tool (Create Rectangle + click) the Same Position and Size option can be switched off again.
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