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What happens to overprinting process white (0% CMYK) objects when saving to AI with PDF Compatibility, Adobe® PDF or Normalized PDF from Adobe® Illustrator® CC or newer and viewing them in Acrobat® or ArtPro+?


Since the first Creative Cloud version of Adobe® Illustrator® you can find an option in Illustrator®'s Document Setup for .AI documents: Discard White Overprint in Output: to either discard the overprint tag of overprinting process white (0% CMYK) objects (default setting!) in the output file or preserve the overprint tag.

The discard white overprint in output feature will only be applied to the output file, so in Adobe® Illustrator®'s Overprint Preview, this setting is not applied and objects will still look overprinting.

When creating overprinting white objects in Adobe® Illustrator®, you get a warning message mentioning there are process white objects in your selection and that overprinting would only make sense in combination with transparency effects.

Adobe® Illustrator®'s Overprint Preview will still show the objects as overprinting.

In Adobe® Acrobat® Professional or Adobe® Reader when opening AI with PDF Compatibility or Adobe® PDF files

Preserve overprint (AI + PDF):

Discard overprint (AI + PDF):

In ArtPro+ when opening Adobe® PDF files.

Preserve overprint:

Discard overprint:

In ArtPro+ when opening Ai files with PDF Compatibility

Preserve overprint: The object is set to overprint but the process separations are set to knock-out. If you would add a separation, that separation would be set to overprint.

Discard overprint:

When exporting Normalized PDF (both for preserve or discard white overprint in output) we will always discard the fill color completely, resulting in lineart with empty fills or strokes.

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