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Fix for crash on clean install of ArtPro+ 16.1.1 (fixes for Select Same and Create Rectangle are also included).


  • ArtPro+ 16.1.1 can crash when a customer does a clean install (no earlier ArtPro+ version installed).
    • Workaround:
    • Press ESC instead of clicking OK when the Customer Experience Program dialog is presented.
    • Or install and launch ArtPro+ 16.1.0. Close the Customer Experience Program dialog (choosing Yes or No) and quit. Then start using ArtPro+ 16.1.1.)
  • Hide objects, make a selection and use Select Same Fill/Stroke. Hidden objects that have the same fill/stroke are selected along (no workaround, just avoid hidden objects when using Select Same).
  • Make a selection and activate the Numeric Shape Creation dialog. Disable the Same Size and Position icon and enter different dimensions. The result will still apply the size and position of the selection (partial workaround: size and position can still be modified via the Transformation inspector).

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to



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Applies to

 ArtPro+ 16.1.1



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Case Number CS00967093

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