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  • KB220234350: FlexProofE - What to do when the in-line Check and Recalibrate fails with error message "Recalibration error"
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This KB describes how you can solve the issue when getting the"Recalibration error" message in the Proof Server log.


Check and Recalibration chart is not printed.


  • Check if the white calibration tile is correctly installed
  • Check if the correct media is selected in the Proof Server output device. If possible select "20 inch (SpectroProofer)" or "24 inch (SpectroProofer)"
  • In the proof server log, if you see the following message: "EpsonPrint:Error sending print data" AND if the printer is also configured in a GMG proof system then shut down the GMG software so that the Proof Server can make a connection with the SpectroProofer.
  • Verify if the SpectroProofer is functioning correctly by following the steps in this KB:

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