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DeskPack all versions with Mac OS: 10.13.4 or higher (High Sierra).


With the Server Connection Assistant configured to use a domain user, using 'Launch Workflow' launches the file as a normalized PDF.

It is possible to select a workflow but when clicking Launch, Adobe® Illustrator® freezes.  Only solution at that point is a hard boot of the workstation.


Manually mount the Esko volumes using cifs:// before starting Pilot or Adobe® Illustrator®.

  1. In the Finder menu, click Go > Connect to Server. Alternatively, you can also press Command+K to launch Connect to Server.

  2. In the Server Address: field, enter cifs:// to define the network protocol for CIFS.
  3. Enter either the IP address or the hostname of the file server.
  4. Click Connect to connect to the share.
  5. When prompted, enter your user name and password to connect to the file server.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. When prompted, select the shares you want to mount from the file server.
  8. Click OK to mount the shares.
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