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SmartMark - Image Mark best practices.


  1. Store the Image Mark files in a subfolder of the bg_data_marks_v010 share on the Automation Engine Server.

    • EX: \\AESERVER\bg_data_marks_v010\dat\ImageMarks

    • These will be included in the backup for Automation Engine full backup. 

  2. Use the SmartName masterserver in the Name field.
    1. This will prevent future issues if Automation Engine Server has name changed or is upgraded to new hardware.
    2. If a Stand-in Automation Engine Server is promoted, the Image Marks will not need to be updated with the new server name.
    3. Makes sharing the SmartMark sets seamless.
    4. It is easy to browse to your Image Mark and set the position and other parameters. Then change the name to the SmartName "masterserver". Once complete click Apply.
  3. If using Image Mark with Step, the Image Mark file should be one color only.  When you apply this monochrome image mark to your graphic file, it will be mapped with all inks of the graphic file and place the image mark on top of each other or with step.

  4. When you apply a multi-color image mark to a graphic file, you will have the option to keep the original inks or to map inks to your graphic file.
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