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When the Esko verification tool doesn't find the spectrophotometer, it will return a "Failed to open device" message in the status field (bottom of the tool). This KB article gives an overview of possible solutions.


  1. Make sure all other applications using / accessing the spectrophotometer are closed (e.g. Color Pilot, PressSync Pilot, i1 Profiler, ...).
  2. Verify in the Device Manager (part of the Control Panel), if the spectrophotometer is correctly installed.
    1. A correctly installed device has no exclamation mark symbol.
    2. An X-Rite spectrophotometer is listed as follows:
  3. Reinstall the i1 X-rite drivers from the IE DVD: \\Extra\Spectrophotometer_Drivers.
  4. Download and install the X-rite i1Diagnostics tool from the X-rite website ( to check the functionality of the i1 device.

    This tool will also install the drivers!
    Please contact X-rite when the test reports an issue!
  5. Check if the EFI ES1000 services is running, if not start it.
    1. Do a repair of the Proof Server / Client when the service is not available (use the IEP DVD to run a repair).
    2. If a repair doesn't help then reinstall the service:
      1. Open a dos box.
      2. Go to: C:\Windows\system32\.
      3. Type:
        sc create "EFI ES-1000" binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Esko\Esko Proof\ES-1000\EFI ES-1000 Service\ES1000Service.exe
      4. Open the Environment Variables window and add the following to the path environment variable:

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Esko\Esko Proof\Client;C:\Program Files (x86)\Esko\Esko Proof\ES-1000\EFI ES-1000 Service

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