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  • KB247106627: Color Pilot - "Error saving check history to device" warning appears
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This KB article describes what you can do when the check step of a Check & Recalibrate session returns the warning:

"Error saving check history to device"


An "Error saving check history to device" warning is displayed at the bottom of the results page of the check step:

The Device Manager log file (located at: \\localhost\bg_data_cms_v010\w\devicemanager\devicemanager.log) will also contain the following error message:

12:26:32: ERROR - WriteToFile: couldn't open file \\INTAE01\bg_data_cms_v010\w\devicemanager\000\003.device for writing.

12:26:32: ERROR - Save failed for device 003 (device ID 003).

12:26:32: ERROR - Couldn't save device factory for station INTIE02.


  1. The Check & Recalibrate results and history are stored in the Color Engine Database (check the Preferences for the exact location: Edit > Preferences > Database).
  2. Add the "w" folder from the Color Engine Database (\\localhost\bg_data_cms_v010\w) to the exclusion list of the Anti-Virus software running on the system, sharing the Color Engine Database.
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