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This article will describe a possible procedure to restore damaged ARD files.

Not all damaged files can be recovered, keep in mind to have a proper backup procedure.


All the text inside quotes or double quotes should be typed without quotes.

  1. Copy the damaged file to a path easy to find.

  2. Consider renaming the file to something easy without spaces or strange characters.

  3. Launch ArtiosCAD and create a new design file.

  4. Save this file with any name on the same location of the damaged file.
  5. Go to Help > Diagnostics > Run Command.
  6. Type "clear" and click OK.
  7. Run Command "res bad_file.ard" and click OK (bad_file.ard is just an example, point to your damaged file).
  8. It may give an error, just continue.
  9. Run Command "old  :" and click OK.
  10. Run Command "plo" and click OK.
  11. If your design appears, click the tool "Select All" at the bottom.
  12. Select Move to Layer and move all to Annotation layer (create if not available).
  13. Go to File > Save as and save this as "Fixed.ard".

After following the steps above, consider moving all the structural lines to Main Design layer and the other lines to the appropriate layers.

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