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Instructions of how to hide the Export to JDF and Import to JDF button.


  1. Go to Admin section.
  2. Select the Attribute category in question.
  3. Add a new View and give it a name (in my case “hidden button”).
  4. Then go to the menus.
  5. Select your menu.
  6. Go to the Project details tab and add a top menu (top right).
  7. Label it how you like it (in my example I called it “without button”).
  8. Set the URL Type to Attribute category view.
  9. Enter the name of the View (in my case “hidden button”).

One cannot select an attribute category because it uses the Attribute category used for the project.

If you now change the view settings of the Attributes menu and the newly created menu, the users you specified can see the new menu without the Buttons.

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