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Imaging Engine Proof tickets (e.g. Proof for Content/Contract Approval, Image to Unscreened Proof) converts job inks to output inks. The Color Strategy (see Color Management tab) specifies a Color Strategy. This strategy uses a Source and a Destination Profile.  The Destination Profile includes the Ink Set of the Device e.g. CMYK Orange Green.

If the job contains identical inks but from another Ink Book (e.g. designer cyan or designer Orange), this gives a conflicting situation for the RIP.


A job with one or more designer inks (e.g. designer cyan) is launched with an Imaging Engine Proof ticket.

Before Automation Engine 18.1.1

The tasks passes but the output has no content.

Automation Engine 18.1.1 and newer

The task fails with following error: “The output ink Cyan is conflicting with the same ink used in the input job.


The job has an ink that is also used in the Destination Profile but from a different ink book.  The RIP cannot distinguish both inks. 

Solution 1

  1. Rename the designer ink in your designer book and also in your job.  E.g. Cyan to MyCyan.
  2. Cyan and MyCyan are two different inks.

Solution 2

  1. Modify the ink in the job to use the same ink book as the one used in the profile. 
  2. Open the job in an editor (e.g.: PackEdge) where the ink book can be adapted:
  3. Only one Cyan (from Process Ink Book) is used

See also Send To Proof Server fails.

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