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In Adobe® Illustrator®, you can save your document as Illustrator PDF with Editing capabilities. This file will contain two parts: a PDF copy and an AI copy of the document.

Such a document can be viewed in a PDF editor or outputted through a PDF workflow. However, such a document is not meant to be edited or modified outside of Adobe Illustrator. Doing so will break the consistency between the PDF and AI information.

In a PDF+ workflow it might happen that ArtPro+ or Automation Engine task will adjust the PDF part of the file, but the Illustrator part will remain the same. When the files are opened again in Illustrator there is a warning:

In a PDF+ workflow it's advised to remove the Illustrator part from Illustrator PDFs:

  • To make it impossible to open the outdated Illustrator information in Adobe Illustrator
  • To make the file smaller

This can be done by a Pitstop action list either in a Preflight profile in ArtPro+ or in a "Preflight with Pitstop" task in Automation Engine.

Note that if you use Esko Data Exchange to export a PDF+ file or Normalized PDF file from Adobe Illustrator, then the PDF file will not contain an Illustrator part. 


  1. In ArtPro+, go to Preferences > Preflight and open your Preflight profile.

  2. Create a new action list (Actionlist > Changes > +)

  3. Save.

It's also possible to use the attached action list. E.g. for Automation Engine.

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Automation Engine 20 and newer

ArtPro+ 20 and newer



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