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How to get a combined consolidated ink list of 2 products or Native PDF files in Automation Engine, that can be used to drive PDF Action list variables for i.e. ink reordering.


Follow the steps below to reproduce the results in AE Smart Name

  1. Create a new Automation Engine Workflow including the below tasks and configuration:


    Use "INKS" in the Root Element of Join XML ticket, other wise the XML will be written in 2 parts.

  2. Select the <file name>-Combined.XML source file in the Automation Engine SmartNames panel in a new Global SmartName of type Xpath Query with the below expression:


    Xpath Expression: /INKS/*[local-name() = 'RDF']/*[local-name() = 'Description'][12]/*[local-name() = 'inks']/*[local-name() = 'Seq']/*[local-name() = 'li']/*[local-name() = 'name']/text()

  3. Create Another Global SmartName of type Script, with the below script to delete duplicate inks:

    JAVA Script:

    4. Now you can use this "Ink_Name_List_PDFs" as a SmartName in your workflow for combined Ink list of two selected products or Native PDF files.

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Automation Engine 20.1



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