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Several Esko plug-ins have issues in Adobe® Illustrator® versions 25.4 and 25.4.1 released by Adobe in late July 2021.


The following Esko plug-ins and features malfunction in the July 2021 update of Adobe® Illustrator®, i.e. in versions 25.4 and 25.4.1. Either Illustrator crashes (more likely on macOS) or the functions silently fail (more likely on Windows).

  • boostX Crosshair - cutting on path
  • boostX Select by Attributes - searching for similar shapes does not find any shape
  • PowerLayout Standalone - when using Dieshape
  • PowerLayout Standalone - partial labels are wrongly clipped
  • Structural Design Import - creating Varnish plates


Although it is an Adobe issue and Adobe will fix it in a future release of Adobe® Illustrator®, Esko has updated all plugins for Adobe Illustrator 21.07 to eliminate the issues. Since September 7, 2021, a new build 21.07.28 is available for download.


Downgrade to Adobe® Illustrator® 25.3.1 or older.

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DeskPack and Studio 20.0.1, 21.03, 21.07 - boostX / Data Exchange / PowerLayout Standalone



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