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Unable to get into Cape as the program thinks that the user is still logged in. The following message appears: "One user is currently logged into Cape Pack".

This can occur because of improper shutdown or lack of shutdown of the program.

For example, if the computer goes to sleep while still logged into Cape Pack, or loses a network connection to a network version of the program. The connection stays active until it is cleared. Follow the below procedure to clear the connection.


  1. Logon as administrator by clicking the Yes button and then typing the administrator password.
  2. Click the Edit list of Active Connections button.
  3. You will find your login ID there. Select it and then click the Delete button.
  4. Click OK and exit out of administrator account. You will now be able to logon to your CAPE PACK program using your credentials.
If you do not have the Yes option, logon as Network administrator via Start > Programs menu and using the administrator password.
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