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Opening PDF files sometimes result in wrong colors because of the included ICC profiles (Output Intent Profile).
A typical example is text that is set in solid black becoming a CMYK mixture.   


When opening such a file you can remove the attached ICC profile with Preflight:

  1. Go to Pre-Press > Manage Preflight Profiles. This will open the Preflight Preferences.
  2. Create a new Preflight Profile and give it a appropriate name.
  3. Edit the new Preflight Profile and go to the Color section.
  4. Select the Enable checks without restriction check box.
  5. Add/double click both ICC: unwanted profile Text/lineart and ICC: unwanted profile Image profiles.
  6. For both profiles, choose Remove ICC profile.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to Pre-Press > Preflight ...
  9. Select your just created Profile and Preflight.
  10. A message "Removed ICC profile tag from ICC based color space" will appear.

As a result the CMYK mixtures will again be solid black etc...

Instead of creating the ICC Profile you can also Import  the attached profile.

ICC tagging plus fix.ppp

You could also run the same profile (.ppp) in Adobe® Acrobat® with Enfocus PitStop (Preflight Profiles). 
The result will be the same. 

Also possible, is to apply the ICC profile to the content of the PDF.

Again, in Adobe® Acrobat® with Enfocus PitStop, go to Pitstop Color and choose Apply Output Intent.

The resulted file will again be ok when opened in ArtPro+.

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