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By default WebCenter is configured to run with the local administrator BGSYSTEM, for security reasons its recommended to change this to another administrator user.
This article describes how to change the system account for the WebCenter services and related components. 

What is the system account

The system account is the Windows user that you use to run the WebCenter and related services. The system account can either be a local or a domain account. Since WebCenter is composed out of different parts, the system account needs to be changed for multiple services and shares over different machines. It's important that the same user is used across the different machines.


WebCenter application server

The Application server hosts two services that need to be updated. Both the WebCenter Cad-X Server and WebCenter JBoss Application Server service are by default configured using BGSYSTEM. You can change the user for these services to any other administrator user, but both need to run with the same account.


The filestore is a share containing all the files that WebCenter uses (uploaded documents/view files). This share can either be found local on the application server or on a dedicated fileserver. If you update the users running the WebCenter services on the application server, you need to update the share as well. The WebCenter services expect to have full permissions to the filestore. 


The OBGE is used to generate the view files for WebCenter. As a consequence the OBGE contains a container pointing to the WebCenter filestore. This means that the user running the BGMD service needs to have read/write access to the WebCenter filestore. 

If an Automation Engine is used to publish files to WebCenter with an in LAN configuration, then the Automation Engine service needs to have read/write access to the WebCenter filestore.

Documentation on how to update the system account for Automation Engine can be found here:

Chili Server

In case of a Chili Server, the Chili share needs to be shared with the users running the WebCenter services. WebCenter expects to have read/write access to those shares.

WebCenter Web Server

This server runs the WebCenter Tomcat service using the Local System account. No change is needed here, but you can change the user if required.

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