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I have upgraded my ArtPro+ that introduces new Action List features. I would like to use the same new features in Automation Engine in the task 'Apply PDF Action List ', but I can not upgrade my Automation Engine yet (For example: I upgraded to ArtPro+ 18.1.1 but am still running Automation Engine 18.0). Can I already upgrade just the PDF Action List Processor (aka 'PAL processor')?


Yes you can. 

The PDF Action List Processor license is version-independent, so it does not depend on your installed Automation Engine license version. 

If you have already downloaded the latest Automation Engine version installer (ISO), you can install the PDF Action List Processor component separately (in the "Install Automation Engine X.y.z" installation window). 

Alternatively you can download the higher PDF Action List Processor version separately from 

Depending on the installer, Automation Engine may be stopped during installation of the PDF Action List Processor. Please plan the installation when an Automation Engine stop fits in production.

Since Automation Engine 20, is the PDF Action List Processor part of Automation Engine.


There may be more items (f.i. Dynamic Marks) involved in the new Action List features than just purely the PDF Action List Processor component. Possibly these were made available as HotFix for your version, please check .  It could however also be these other items could not be made available for a lower Automation Engine version as a HotFix, in which case - if you really require this particular feature - you may have to fully upgrade Automation Engine after all. Please contact Esko Support if you still cannot use the new feature with the corresponding PDF Action List Processor version installed.
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