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The Prepare for viewing task fails.


In the task log file, you will find the following entry:

Entered stage "Waiting to Initialize"
Entered stage "Initializing"
WARNING: Failed to initialise BGCMS (TCMS)

brixsdb : error during initialisation
Entered stage "Working"


  1. Run the Brix task in CMD window, for more information see:

    Running the Brix task in CMD windows with debug of CMS enabled:

    C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_v140\bin_ix86>sdbtask --ticket=t.
    Task 00000001 entered stage "Waiting to Initialize"
    Task 00000001 entered stage "Initializing"
    ERROR : Unable to push file C:\Esko\bg_data_cms_v010\w\cmn\cms.cfg
    ERROR : No Illuminant with this name available
    ERROR : CMS data tree not compatible with current software
    ERROR : Could not create illuminant.
    Task:00000001 WARNING: Failed to initialise BGCMS (TCMS)
    Task 00000001 logged: brixsdb : error during initialisation
    Task 00000001 entered stage "Working"

    Seems CMS is broken.

  2. Repair Color Management from DVD.

  3. Restore color management data from the "last known good" backup.

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