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Imaging-Engine output has visible 1px lines that can not be seen in ArtPro+/PackEdge and separation.
But there are lines with "0" width or height or clipping paths on objects with the same size as the colored-object that is clipped, resulting also in a "0" line.


In PDF "0" width/height of a line has a special meaning that results into 1 pixel, as visible in Adobe Acrobat. So basically no matter how deep you zoom in it will always result into one pixel on screen and therefore also rendered.
Therefore its recommended to use Adobe Acrobat for checking fine lines as it is using the same technology as Imaging Engine (Adobe RIP).

Excerpt from PDF specification:
"A line width of 0 denotes the thinnest line that can be rendered at device resolution: 1 device pixel wide. However, some devices cannot reproduce 1-pixel lines, and on high-resolution devices, they are nearly invisible. Since the results of rendering such zero-width lines are device-dependent, their use is not recommended."

It is always recommended to avoid this kind of "empty" lines and clean files from that will result into expected output.

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