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Extensis has been transitioning its three Font Management products (Suitcase Fusion, TeamSync and Universal Type Server) into a single online platform named “Connect”. The Connect Fonts client application, formerly named Suitcase Fusion, is the client used in the platform and is not compatible with ArtPro+.

Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase is a cloud-based platform.

Extensis are offering their customers a free of charge migration:


ArtPro+ can only connect to Extensis Universal Type Client for font management, so in case you've migrated to the new Connect Fonts platform, you'll see the following warning in ArtPro+:


At this point, there are no plans to integrate with the new Connect Fonts platform and advise customers that require compatibility with ArtPro+ to stay on Universal Type Server.

We also suggest contacting the Extensis Account Manager directly to discuss this further.

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