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What is a .NC file? How to open/ import .NC files in the ArtiosCAD?


The .NC is a Numeric control file. Numeric control files are usually an input file format for cutting machines. Some of the .NC file formats supported in ArtiosCAD are IBH/ Vectocut, MAP and ACM file.

The following steps explain how to open a Numeric control file in ArtiosCAD:

  1. Go to the Help menu > Diagnostics > Open NC File….

  2. Select the Numeric Control file (e.g.: IBH, MAP, ACM, etc) and click Open.

  3. Select the appropriate cutting machine (E.g.: Select Elcede for IBH/ Vectocut files, select Kongsberg for MAP and ACM files) and click OK.

More information

For more information about .NC files, please refer ArtiosCAD user guide or click here.

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ArtiosCAD 7.6 and newer

Last revised05-Jun-13
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