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How can you make FlexProof use/not use background simulation on a proof?


The option to have FlexProof use background simulation or not, is set in the Device Link that is used with the Color Strategy.  The option is controlled by the "Rendering Intent" setting in the Device Link. There are two possible settings:

Absolute Colorimetric
  • Uses the media/substrate color from the press/source profile.
  • Attempts to match it on the proof.
  • Adds a background simulation to the empty areas of the proof.
Relative Colorimetric
  • Does not produce any background simulation.
  • Empty areas of the proof retain the blank media color.


The Rendering Intent option can be set in the Device Link:

In FlexProof versions older than Suite 12,  the rendering intent options were:

  • Background, which is equivalent to the Absolute Colorimetric setting.
  • No background, which is equivalent to the Relative Colorimetric setting.
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