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After Shuttle moved from Standalone Application to Integrated Feature in the Automation Engine Pilot, where can we find the Context option which was under the Window in the Suite 10 Standalone Shuttle?


The Context window has been removed. Here is how the Shuttle works now:

  • If you have a Job selected in the Pilot, then Shuttle Launch will run the launched workflow under that task.
  • If you don't have a Job selected in the Pilot, then the path of the file is used to determine the Job under which the task will run.

In the upcoming Suite 12.1 release, a Standalone Shuttle Application will be re-introduced, but it will not have a Context window, so the path of the file will be used to determine which Job to run it under.


You can use a Public Parameter to have the user enter the JobName while launching the task under which it will run


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Applies toAutomation Engine 12.0
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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, please update/add: in the Suite 12.2 release, the Standalone Shuttle Application again has a Context window.