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When trying to print with the Device Manager Check and Recalibrate..., the following error message appears:

"This Device has been locked by another user. It must be unlocked before it can be checked and recalibrated as the Device Manager folder is locked".


To solve this problem, do the following:

  1. On the Central Resources Server (Typically the Automation Engine Server).
  2. Check if the folder \Esko\bg_data_cms_v010\w\Devicemanager or any of its subfolders contain a .lock file.
  3. If a .lock file is found, delete it and restart the Color Engine Pilot.
Article information
Applies to

Color Engine Pilot 12.0.1

Last revised06-May-15


1 Comment

  1. It's also possible that one of the subfolders just shows an icon that it's locked. Giving total access to 'Everybody' on this subfolder (typically 000, 001, 002, ... ) solved the problem in my case.