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  • KB73059321: PitStop preflight shows CMY is used for "Black + spot color" jobs and in the original Adobe® Illustrator® file you only see Black and a spot color
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The original Adobe® Illustrator® file contains only Black and 1 spot color. The AI file is saved PDF compatible and then preflighted in PitStop with a PDF Preflight Profile which checks the following condition: Number of separations is not equal to 1 and don't count Black.

The Preflight report shows the following error message: "Document uses 3 separations, should be equal to 1."
Those three separations are: Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.


The Preflight report shows more separations than what is defined in the original Adobe® Illustrator® file: Black + 1 spot color.

This problem occurs in

  • the PitStop Gateway in Odystar
  • the PitStop Professional plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®
  • Neo
  • the Preflight ticket in Automation Engine
  • the Preflight activity in Nexus

If your .ppp (Preflight with PitStop Profile) also checks for ICC based color spaces, then it will report the following additional message: "ICC based is used".


One of the separations was tagged with an ICC profile. The Preflight with PitStop task automatically converts this to the output profile (CMYK) using either the default destination profile, or the profile selected in PitStop.

Depending on the selected profile, the colors get re-mapped to all four CMYK separations.


Make sure you do not tag single separation objects with ICC profiles. Remove the ICC tags from the original document and add these extra options to your PitStop Profile and run it through your workflow again.


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Applies to

Enfocus PitStop Pro 11 update 2
Odystar 4.1.1
Automation Engine 12.0.1
Nexus 10.1.2
Neo 10.1.1

Last revised05-Jun-13
CW Number163387