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A task which tries to apply a smart mark set, fails and you get the following error messages:

ERROR: Mark marker not registered Removing mark.

ERROR: SmartMark set not applied

ERROR: Error while applying SmartMarks

could not register user - missing mark marker

This can happen in any task that:

  • Has an option to apply smart marks.
  • Is not a Step & Repeat task.

       E.g. FlexRip, FlexProof, Export to PDF, etc.


  • Automation Engine tasks fail.
  • The task log contains the errors mentioned above.


The smart mark set contains one or more marks which refer to Step & Repeat related information. 
E.g. A mark named Position Mark which uses a formula to calculate a position. This formula contains parameters such as:

  • GridHeight1
  • GridWidth1
  • Gap1
  • NumberOfGrids, etc.

Some parameters are only available when you create the smart mark set in Plato.
Smart mark sets with these kind of parameters, can only be used on Step & Repeat related tasks, such as:

  • Import JDF Step & Repeat
  • Step & Repeat CAD based
  • Step & Repeat Tabular
  • Step & Repeat Template based
You need to place the Smart Mark Set, but the task that fails is not a Step & Repeat task.Take one of the Step & Repeat tasks mentioned above to place the marks.
You want to place marks which are not related to Step & Repeat settings.Use a different Smart Mark Set.
Choose one that was created in PackEdge and not in Plato.
Article information
Applies toAutomation Engine 12.0.1
Last revised13-Jun-13
CW Number165962