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Why does Automation Engine/BackStage give the "Connection with JobServer failed" error?


When opening the Pilot, the following error message appears: "Connection with JobServer failed. Reason: BGM_TClient Reconnect: No response within timeout".


The above error may occur due two reasons:

Reason 1:

The Computer is working with DNS Server and the BackStage/Automation Engine Server is not registered in the DNS Server.

To verify if the computer is working with DNS:

  1. Go to Start > My Network Places.
  2. Right-click My Network Places and choose Properties. This opens the Network connections window.
  3. Select and right-click Local Area Connection. Choose Properties.
  4. In the General tab > This connection uses the following items: section, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  5. Click the Properties button.

If the computer is using a DNS Server, the option Use the following DNS server addresses: will be selected and the IP address will be filled.

If they are using a DNS  setup, the computers must then be registered in the DNS Server with their computer name and their ip address, this must also be done in reverse DNS!

To verify if the Automation Engine Server or workstation is registered in the DNS:

In the command prompt, type:

 nslookup computername

To verify if the Automation Engine Server or workstation Server is registered in the reverse DNS:

In the command prompt, type:

 nslookup ipaddress

If this command answers with can't find computername: Non-existent domain, the computer is not registered in the DNS server.

If the customer is using DNS Server, the Automation Engine/Backstage Server must be registered in the DNS Server.

If the DNS Server is having an IP address in another LAN for Internet, the name and IP address of the server must be added:

  1. Browse to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
  2. Right-click the hosts file and open with WordPad.
  3. At the bottom of the file add the IP address and the name of the Automation Engine Server.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart Automation Engine Server with Server Admin.

Reason 2:

There could be a SSL VPN connection running on the Automation/Backstage Server. If you need to connect to the server, create a SSL VPN connection on another workstation and connect to the BackStage Server via PCduo Control.

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