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Image Extractor extracts image hierarchies into external linked image files. When selecting an object that represents an image, sometimes the Export Image menu command is disabled or the Export Image menu command shows the message “Image Too Complex”. What is the difference?


When embedding an image (i.e. Adobe® Photoshop® spot color PSD file), it can happen that many stacked objects (Photoshop’s layers) appear in the Illustrator document. The appearance of this construct represents the image content. The image itself can contain vectors. There is a chance that there are only “path” objects in the hierarchy and no rasters (pixel data). The rasters are only defined via the opacity masks of the path and hence are not seen in the layer palette.

When ImageX tries to recognize the object it checks if the selected object is a group or a raster. The group could either represent an image or does not represent an image. In other words, all rasters represent an image.

When the user selects a group and the group does not represent an image, the “Image Too Complex” message appears. For e.g. when the selected group contains two simple paths, Image Extractor will show the “Image Too Complex” message.

The supported hierarchies in Adobe® Illustrator® are described in the online documentation on

Image Extractor does not support some special types of embedded PSD files like layered PSD, opacity mask used in a special way (CMYK raster art connected to the opacity mask), text in the hierarchy, special clipping paths for the layer etc.

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