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A corrupted ticket prevents the users from editing their ticket in the Pilot interface by displaying an error stating "Could not load the options panel (...)".


When users try to edit a non-default ticket they are is presented with a message similar to this:


The second part of the message might actually change depending on what ticket was actually corrupted, in this example it is the Delete File ticket).


There are two ways to solve this issue, with various degrees of complexity/ risk.

The easiest/ safest one is to try to export and then re-import the damaged tickets, this is sufficient in most cases:

  1. Select the damaged ticket.
  2. Go to Tickets > Export.
  3. Pick a location for the .tic file.
  4. Save the .tic file.
  5. Go to Tickets > Import.
  6. Select the ticket saved in step 4.
  7. Choose a name for the ticket and import it.
  8. You should now be able to edit the newly imported ticket.
  9. Optionally, you can now delete the original ticket and the rename the imported one.

The other method is based on restoring backups and to select to restore tickets only using the Server Admin tool > Restore tab.

 Click here for more information on how to restore tickets only in Suite 12.

Restore only recent backups. Normally the backup is configured to run daily, yet as there is a risk of restoring outdated data. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use this as a last resort under the supervision of an Esko engineer.


The ticket can also be rebuilt from default ticket if all the steps and/ or settings are known to the customer.

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