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  • KB74649860: Studio - Unable to place Collada file (.dae/.zae) in Adobe® Illustrator®
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The structural design file (Collada) was created using Studio/ArtiosCAD without any problem and appears to be valid. But still, when trying to place it in Adobe® Illustrator®, the following error: "Reading Collada File. Could not open the Collada file. Make sure it is valid." appears.


After navigating to File > Structural Design > Place File... and select a Collada file, the following error message appears:

Reading Collada File.
Could not open the Collada file. Make sure it is valid.

If the structural design file is first copied locally on the desktop, it is then possible to place it in Adobe® Illustrator®.


Check the complete path of the folder in which the Collada file is located. If there are special characters in the path, the file can't be read by the plugins.

For instance, if the folder name is 3D/structural design, removing the forward slash from the folder name should allow you to place the Collada file in Adobe® Illustrator®.

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DeskPack Plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® all versions

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