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The information per job is written in a JDF file via an MIS system. This JDF file is processed in the Automation Engine and the job gets created.

As this information is available in the Automation Engine job, it is just a matter of using a smart name linked to the job parameters, i.e. Job Parameter smartnames.


Proceed as follows:

  1. Check your Job Parameter settings.
    1. In the Automation Engine Pilot, right-click a job and click Info > Parameters tab.

  2. In this example, the name of the Job Parameter is Substrate. When the smartname is not available from the smartname list,

    1. Double-click Substarte and then type, <jp.jdfsmartname.Substrate/>.

    2. Alternatively, open the ticket while a file is selected in the job. You will see the "Job Parameter" smartnames. Select the smartname <jp.jdfsmartname.Substrate> from the list.

"jp" stands for "jobparameter"

"jdfsmartname" refers that this information comes from a JDF file

"Substrate" is the name of the job parameter which is as well defined in the JDF file.

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Automation Engine 10.1

Automation Engine 12.x
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