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The 'Automation Engine - Nexus' connection gives the following error message: "No job handler installed error".


Automation Engine - Nexus problem. When testing the connection, after a long time the following error appears: "Nexus soap server maybe not up and running". When connecting via the address http://nexus:5182/, it is possible to connect to the Nexus Server. But when connecting through Automation Engine "No job handler installed" error appears.

By re-registering the Nexus Server WFE tasks, the test connection works.

See below the commands:

C:\Documents and Settings\eskoadm>cd %BG_PROG_FASTSERVER_V121%

C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_v121>cd bin_ix86

C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_v121\bin_ix86>anyclt WFETasks Shutdown

These commands return TRUE.


Either stop the Workflow Manager by executing the commands above or lookup the PID in Automation Engine diagnostics and kill the process using Windows Task Manager.

The Workflow Manager will be started again automatically by the BGMD. The Automation Engine Nexus connection will work again.

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BackStage 7.5

Automation Engine all versions

Created 11-Sep-13
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