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After the upgrade installation of WebCenter, it is not possible to login because WebCenter cannot initialize the licensing library even if licenses are valid.


When trying to login to WebCenter with a username and password, you get the following error message:

Could not load a valid license for WebCenter.
Error details: Security initialization error: The licensing library cannot be initialized.


Before starting this troubleshooting procedure, please note that in case new WebCenter licenses have been installed the WebCenter JBoss service always needs to be restarted in order for the new licenses to be picked up.

This message means that WebCenter cannot find a valid license to run. The second part "error details: ..." is not always the same, and depending on its value, any of the following solutions is applicable:

There can be several reasons why the program cannot access the license:

1. The JBOSS service is running with user BGSYSTEM and has no privilege to read the license

This will typically show the message "Security initialization error: The license library cannot be initialized". 

In order to reach the licensing library, the BGSYSTEM user must be a member of the Administrators group in the Local Users and Groups of the Licensing Server. After adding the user BGSYSTEM to the Administrators group, restart the WebCenter services and you will be able to login to WebCenter.




2. The JBOSS service is reading the license configuration of ArtiosCAD, but the license is not a Network License or the License Server is wrong

This will generate the error message: "Could no load a valid license for WebCenter" but NOT the Security initialization error.

In order to solve this error, change the ArtiosCAD License Type Configuration from Local License to Network License via Start > Programs > Esko > ArtiosCAD > Esko ArtiosCAD License Type Configuration.

The License Server must be set to the License Server used for ArtiosCAD.

After these changes, the WebCenter JBoss Application Server must be restarted.

If you install an ArtiosCAD client (Standard or Enterprise) on the WebCenter Application Server, please make sure during the installation process to select "Network License" and to specify the server where the WebCenter licenses will be activated.


3. If you receive the following error, while logging into WebCenter with any account:

Security Initialization Error: The licensing library cannot be initialized

Verify that you have installed the latest version of the Local License Manager and the Network License Manager.
The Local License Manager of Esko installs Flexnet Publisher drivers, which are mandatory to be in sync with the drivers the WebCenter Software is based on.
Please download both License Managers from or install them from the media obtained to install WebCenter.
After upgrading both Local License Manager and Network License Manager, reboot the server.

4. If above measures don't help, reboot both Application server and Webserver.

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