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What Mobile Apps exist for WebCenter and what can they do? What are the plans for the future?


At this moment there are two dedicated apps, namely:

  1. iPad App
  2. iPhone App

iPad App

This app mainly falls back on the standard HTML user interface for all WebCenter functionality except the 2D Viewer. The app provides a native menu and optimizes some interface controls for touch. The 2D and the 3D Viewer provide a dedicated user interface, optimized for the iPad (gestures, optimized for 10 inch screen and finger size pointing - larger buttons). The entire WebCenter functionality is available with some exceptions and is easy to use. The exceptions are in complex screens where both horizontal and vertical scrolling will be needed to operate it. 

iPhone App

Dedicated to an even smaller screen, this app has only a limited part of the WebCenter user experience and functionality. This app is optimized for people who want to do quick checks and follow up. It is not foreseen for doing advanced operations like creating projects. 

Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian

No dedicated app exists for these environments. We also do not plan to make any in future (see Future Outlook). In practice, this means that the conventional WebCenter functionality is available through their internet browsers. Both the 2D Viewer (since 14.0.2) and 3D Viewer (since 14.1) can be used on any mobile device. For the 2D Viewer, a mobile optimized simplified UI is displayed.

Future Outlook

We want to become less dependent on the dedicated apps. Instead, we are improving the HTML experience of WebCenter for mobile applications. It starts with the HTML5 Viewer (2D) which runs on Android and Windows devices (and also on Apple devices) and produces on these devices a comparable user experience as the dedicated iPad App. Mobile support for the HTML5 Viewer is available version 14.0.2.. Basic mobile support for the 3D Viewer is available since WebCenter 14.1.

In the future, we plan to further optimize the general WebCenter UI for all mobile devices.

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