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The Esko Configuration Manager software monitors the licensing information on all the stations with Esko License Manager installed. If temporary licenses are about to expire, the Esko Configuration Manager software will issue a warning message box on all the stations that have Esko Software Suite products installed (even if no user is logged in on the station), depending on the settings specified in the License tab of the configuration.


To disable the "License Expiring" warning notification pop-up, do the following:

  1. Go to the Computer with the Configuration Manager, normally this is the Automation Engine computer.

  2. Click Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Esko > Configuration Manager 1.0 > Configuration Manager Setup.

  3. Go to the License tab and uncheck the Pop-up a Warning window check-box. You will then need to check the option Send an e-mail and use a valid e-mail address in the To: field.
  4. Go to the Mail tab and make sure Outgoing Mail Server is entered so that you will be notified of any license expiration.

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Applies to

Configuration Manager 1.0

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CW Number197311