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Startup of Nexus Manager takes longer than usual and it doesn't accept the administrator password.


A red exclamation mark appears next to the IP Address field in the logon window when you try to connect.


There can be several causes for this problem:

  • The IP address of the Nexus server could be wrongly defined. Ping to the Nexus server with the currently defined IP address, to immediately know if it is correctly defined or not.
  • The Portnumber could be wrong.
  • An extra network card may be in use. Please check and disable the extra network card or add the IP address in the Nexus.env file in the Nexus folder using NexusConfig.exe.
  • The Nexus database could be corrupt.
  • The password may be wrong and/ or you may have forgotten the account settings. There is a master password to reset the users/ groups. Contact Esko support.



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Nexus all versions

Last revised21-Jun-13
CW Number166273