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After installing the Esko Data Exchange plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®, Illustrator's File menu will show the Structural Design sub menu where you can choose to Open/Place from Shapes.

This will open a dialog to connect to the online Shapes store, where you can buy 3D models for use in Studio products.


The very first time you open this dialog, it will always show this message: "The Shapes server is not available. Please check your connection settings."


This is a known bug in the 12.x release, where the dialog always states that the server is unavailable, even though you have an active internet connection and the required ports (5184 and 41472) are open.

We will try to fix this issue in a future release.


To overcome this bug, simply open Adobe® Illustrator® > Preferences > Esko > Shapes Preferences....

In the Shapes Preferences dialog, fill in any user name (doesn't have to be a valid one) and click OK.

Now go back to File > Structural Design > Open/Place from Shapes and notice that you can now enter your account details to login to Shapes.

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Esko Shapes 12.x

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