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You have created a customized template (.ARD file) to add a hole pattern, but when using the Add MHP holes tool

  • via the menu: Manufacturing > Dieboard Tools
  • or via this button:

the following error appears: "Failed to add hole pattern".


  • With a default ArtiosCAD hole pattern, there is no error.
  • You have created your own hole pattern file and this one doesn't work.


  • Check if you have the license module Diemaker, as this is a prerequisite.
  • Check if the template file has been added to the ServerLib (for shared defaults) or ClientLib (for user defaults).
  • Link or relink the template file via Defaults > Die Press Parameter Sets > "your die press" > Press defaults > Hole Patterns.
  • Open the template .ARD file and check if the holes are grouped. If so, ungroup the holes and save the file.
  • Be sure to have added a wood edge (Menu Manufacturing > Create wood edge).
  1. Activate the layer Dieboard.
  2. Click the Add MHP holes button.
  3. Select the holes you wish to keep and click the OK button.

You should now be able to add a hole pattern.

If it still fails, open the hole pattern template again and check the position of the holes. If they are below the X axis, move them up. Save the file and retry.

In order to add your customized hole pattern, select "your die press" via Options > Change Die Press.

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