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Following error message is returned when doing a WebCenter SDK call:

  • The SDK call parameters seem to be like in the SDK manual.
  • Undefined error - String or binary data would be truncated.


This error can appear for many reasons. The most typical though is the wrong encoding of the SDK call URL.

The following call "CreateUser.jsp?username=A.B" will return error because the "." between A and B is not URL-encoded and therefore can be confused with characters which influence the interpretation of the call (in this case, & says that a new parameter is started).

Values need to be encoded if they contain URL reserved characters such as:

  • comma -->%2C
  • dot --> %2E
  • space --> %20
  • slash --> %2F
  • & --> %26

A further list can be found here:

You can use the following tool to convert a URL from plain text to URL-encoded:

However, typically your call will come from a program. Check your programming language's library for URL encoding functions.

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