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Brushing a label in Studio Toolkit on Collada files with non-triangular mesh can lead to white knock-outs in Studio Designer and/or Visualizer when adding graphics to the label area. The knock-outs appear in areas where the 3D shape is intersecting the label material.


  1. Open a Collada file with non-triangular mesh in Studio Toolkit.
  2. Brush-on a label and save the file.
  3. Open the resulting file in Adobe® Illustrator® or Visualizer and add graphics to the label.
  4. You can see white knock-outs where the model comes through the label in Studio Designer and/or Studio Visualizer/Store Visualizer.


The problem can occur with Collada files in which the mesh is not specified in triangles. For example a Collada file with a 'quad' mesh. 

The Studio applications need to convert this mesh to triangles. Studio Toolkit 12.x does this in a different way than Studio Designer 12.x and Studio Visualizer 12.x.  That is why you get knock-outs in the graphics in Designer and Visualizer.

For Suite 14, Esko will make sure that the conversion to triangles happens in the same way for all Esko applications.  This will solve the problem for Esko applications, but a Studio Toolkit file with a brushed label on top of a 'quad' mesh Collada file can still give problems in other (non-Esko) 3D software. 

The best solution is to convert the Collada file with quad mesh to a Collada file with triangular mesh prior to adding a label in Studio Toolkit.  See 'Workaround' on how to do this.


It is best to convert the Collada file with non-triangular mesh to a Collada file with triangular mesh prior to adding a label to it in Studio Toolkit. This can be done either in the free MeshLab application or in Studio Visualizer.

Option 1: Do the conversion in MeshLab

  1. Download the free application MeshLab.
  2. Click File > Import Mesh.  Choose the Collada file that you would like to convert.
  3. Click File > Export Mesh as....
  4. Choose Collada File Format (*.dae).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Use this new Collada file to add a label in Studio Toolkit.

Option 2: Do the conversion in Studio Visualizer

  1. Open the Collada file you would like to convert in Studio Visualizer.
  2. Click Output > Export 3D File For Viewing....
  3. Save to a new file.
  4. Use this new Collada file to add a label in Studio Toolkit.
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